What does "the Crafty Coo" mean?

I don't think I need to explain the "crafty" in the name. “Coo” is Scots for cow, and you also pronounce it that way. More specifically, it is a Scottish Highlander, the fluffiest and most woolly type of cattle you can find. Since my husband and I have found our second home in Scotland and find these animals very cute, the choice for the name was easy.

Who is "the Crafty Coo"?

My name is Chantal and I make cards and gifts under the name “the Crafty Coo”. I have been crafting and creating for years, but only recently decided to make this my job. Before that I had an office job, but because I ended up with a burnout at the end of 2019, it was time to change course and after more than 2 years of recovery, recuperation and soul searching I decided to start my own business, with this webshop as a result! I have other plans besides cards, so keep an eye on the shop!